Mira and her puppy
Updated: 3/16/2021
Mira and her puppy

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  • What's a dog doing all alone on the subway? I have to take it home!
  • YOU TALK?!??
  • Hi!
  • It was a normal day for Mira. She was on her way back to her apartment after a long day of work, talking on the phone with her Mom, telling her about her new job and life in the city.
  • When the doors slid open, it revealed a small dog sitting like a human. How odd! But Mira didn't care. She couldn't possibly bear to leave it there. And besides, she was pretty lonely without an animal buddy.
  • Somehow, it talked! Mira stood there in disbelief, before finally finding her voice. And to this day, Mira is very proud to announce she has a talking dog. She became famous and earned money to work on her dream career.