Composition 2
Updated: 5/8/2020
Composition 2

Storyboard Text

  • Dear World Officials, I hope this letter finds you well. I am sending you this letter because I have an idea on how to save the world. I know you think this might not work coming from a 13 year old, but please consider it. My idea is that we could all board space ships and leave earth. Now where would we go your probably asking. Well we would go to mars. We would go here because it has a similar atmosphere as the earth and with all the technology we have, we could slowly adapt to mars. I know this sounds like a crazy idea, but please think about it. Thank you for your time.Sincerely,Abby Smith
  • Good morning everyone and thank you for watching the news. Here we have so information from our world officials.
  • I would like everyone to know the earth is melting, and our plan isn't going to work, so please watch as we go through the plans that were sent in.
  • I wrote the letter and sent it in.
  • We would like to thank everyone that sent in plans, but we would especially like to thank Abby Smith because she sent in the plan we choose.
  • That night I couldn't sleep because I kept worrying about what would happen if they didn't see my letter.
  • No way. This must be a trick.
  • Mom, they picked my plan!!
  • It was the next morning when the Earth started to melt. We had to stay home until they decided on a plan.
  • It felt like it took them forever to pick out the new plan.
  • Jasmine and I ran to tell mom about this!
  • Its not a trick Mama. The world officers said it on the TV. They said thank you Abby Smith for sending in our plan.
  • The next week we were all in Mars.