Updated: 2/11/2020
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  • From 1754 to 1763 the French and Indian war was fought for Land. The cause of this, was the French building a Fort on the Ohio River Valley.The effects of this war include Loss of Indian land, French losing all Land, and Britain and Spain gaining the land East and West of the Mississippi River Respectively.
  • Property of FranceGreat Britain
  • With the order of the King, you shalth not expand your territories to the West
  • This is the Proclamation of 1763It states that none of the Colonists could expand West.The King thought that if they expanded West it could anger remaining French or Indians and they would start another war.The Colonists expanded anyways angering the Indians and it ended with over 200 deaths.
  • The Sugar act of 1764 also known as the Amendment of 1733.The cause of this was because the King spent too much Money on the French and Indian war so they raised the prices for merchants shipments of Sugar and Molasses.The effects of this included the merchants charging more, the colonists being imprisoned for not paying tax, Judges being bribed by the government.
  • People have been seen Smuggling goods to other countries, so we are raising the prices of Sugar and Molasses
  • The Stamp act of 1765 was a law that made Specifically the North American colonists put a Stamp on bought PapersIt was caused because the British still needed more money after the Sugar Act.The Effects of the Stamp Act Include Creation of Stamp Act Congress, Tea Tax, Declaratory Act.
  • $1
  • Stamp Tax Payed
  • Stamp Act, Must pay Stamp tax for Paper, Sincerely King George the III
  • Quartering act of 1765, colonists had to provide soldiers with Food and WaterIt was caused because they weren't paying Soldiers.The Effects of this Include but is not Limited to having the Sons of Liberty founded.
  • May I have some Water
  • Quartering act,The Citizens must provide food and Water to the Soldiers
  • The Sons of Liberty supposedly established in 1765.It was created to Undermine Rule in Great Britain.It caused the Boston Tea Party incident and the American Revolution.
  • We shall call ourselves the Sons of Liberty
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