english sherlock holmes
Updated: 5/19/2020
english sherlock holmes
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  • Please help! My sister tragicallly died! I'm scared that Im' next to be found dead.
  • Julia and Helen's father dies. Thier mother marries a new man, Dr. Roberts. Julia and Helen's mother dies in a car crash and their step-father (Dr. Roberts) inherits all of their mother's money (their mother was very rich).
  • Julia hears whistles during the night and a piece of metal falling. One night she dies, but no one has any idea how or why she died.
  • Helen visits Sherlock Holmes and his assistent Watson because she feels scared that she will be the next to die. She begs Sherlock to help her and tells him the backstory with all the details.
  • Sherlock Holmes and Watson investigate Helen and her father's house. They find a metal box, a rope and an open ventilation shaft.
  • Sherlock and Watson wait in the room during the night to hear the whistling. After 3 hours of waiting, they heard the whisteling. Shearlock pulled on the rope in the room...
  • The rope hit the snake in the air vent which scared the snake and so the snake retreated back into the other room. Dr. Roberts (Helen's step-father) was in the room behind the airshaft and the snake killed him instead.
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