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Updated: 8/31/2021
Unknown Story

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  • respectful
  • Hey mr.Bill would you care to help me out with problem four.
  • set a respectful tone
  • not respectful
  • Help me with problem 4
  •  Professionalism
  • Thank you for helping me.
  • Hey thanks for helping me ;)
  • Remember the human
  • him treating someone else bad and not thinking about there feelings
  • Your trash at this game get better i dont want to be on your team
  • So he will remember to be nice and to treat others how he wants to be treated
  • I really dont want too be on your team you suck 
  • him getting treated bad and it hurts his feelings 
  • sarcasm will bcacfire
  • yeah defenitaly
  • Do we have a test tomorrow 
  • read the directions so does not have to ask the teacher
  • Read first