Updated: 2/25/2020

Storyboard Text

  • exposition
  • conflict
  • rising action
  • the story begins with a flashback of, Castle and his mother are running away from his father.
  • climax
  • Ghost gets onto a track team, but if he gets into trouble he's getting taken off the team.
  • falling action
  • But then Ghost stole a pair of shoes, from the store everything sports, and gets away with it, or at least he thought he did.
  • resolution
  • But, when coach was handing out the team uniforms, Ghost didn't get one. Instead he got a drive to Everything sports, to apologize. Then coach paid for the shoes and gave ghost his jersey.
  • Ghost wanted to surprise his mom with the jersey on the day of the race, So he got dressed in his room. Ghost was late to practice because they had to walk there, after missing the bus. But he made it,
  • and when he got there coach started telling everyone when they were racing. Ghost, and Lu were both given the one hundred meter, and the book ends with the gunshot, telling them to go.