Declariation Of Independence. Saif Khan
Updated: 12/18/2019
Declariation Of Independence. Saif Khan
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  • The Declaration Of Independence
  • Lets do it.
  • Ready to change history?
  • "Dad, what does the first principle mean?"
  • Principle 1: All men are created equal.
  • "Son, it means that all people are created equally, no matter what."
  • Principle 2: All people have basic rights that cannot be taken away.
  • "I think it means that I think it means,everyone has the same rights like life,liberty, and happiness.
  • Do Now: What does the second principle mean?
  •  Thomas Jefferson signed the Declaration of Independence. It was signed at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Everyone approved of it on July 4, 1776, now called Independence Day. The purpose was to officialy state that the colonies were being seperated from Great Britain.
  • Principle 3: The government gets its power to make decisions and protect rights from the people. 
  • "Great idea! I'll add this to my notes. Thank you!"
  • This principle is important because all men were treated equal. Women was later added to that. This meant that all people no matter what, had to be treated the same.
  • Principle 4: When the government does not protect the rights of the people, the people have the right to alter or abolish the government.
  • "I don't agree at all."
  • This principle is important because all people should be able to have all the same rights and no one could take them away. This is why there is no more war in the U.S.
  • Today, Principle 2 Is Best Upheld
  • This principle is important because the government has all the rights. Since the government got elected from all the people, he/she gets to make their own rights that protect their place that they are controlling.
  • "I think we should put more stop signs around town."
  • This principle is important because if the government does not serve its purpose then there is no point to vote for him/her. That is why it is okay to abolish the government in that situation.
  • "I think we should out more red lights around."
  • Today, principle 2 is best upheld because no matter who you are, you have the same basic rights like everyone else. Now there is no wars in the U.S because evryone has the same basic rights.
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