Video Project Storyboard
Updated: 3/14/2021
Video Project Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Ugggghhh! Where is Edward?!
  • I am so sorry Sasha! I got held up at work and traffic was pretty bad.
  • We need to talk about this event that we are having in a week... do you know how important this is?!
  • Save it, Edward! I told you to be here at 6pm sharp and you promised you would!
  • We have nothing done!!
  • Huh... can she give me a break?
  • Are you even listening?! Do you understand what I'm telling you?!
  • SASHA! I told you the reason why I was late! And I apologized!
  • I completely understand the importance of this event!
  • But I've had a long day and I don't need your bickering!
  • Edward?
  • Hmm... I am leaving.