Updated: 6/7/2020
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  • Ishmael on his way to find his family
  • When Beah arrived at the village
  • What beah did after losing his family
  • Beach found Gasemu which was a guy that he knew from his village when he used to live with his family. He knew where Beah family was.Beah and the other boys on were on way with Gasemu to find there families . They finally made it and everyone Was resting for few minutes beah got mad because he wanted to hurry up and see his family.
  • Beah anger Tours gasemu
  • When Gasemu beah and the other boys got to the village it was in flames. Beach was sweating of the heat he wasn’t afraid to run in between the house. Beau said that the dead bodies were lined up.
  • Gasemu died
  • After beah saw the village on fire he screamed the top of his lungs and began to cry as loudly as he could punching and kicking. Gasemu and the other boys began pulling beah away from the house he keep kicking and punching as that dragged him out. Beau was mad because he thought it was gasemu faught he didn’t get to see his family
  • Gasemu dies and Beah and his friends find a new village to stay
  • Beah was anger at gasemu for slowing hidown. Beach was anger at Gasemu for slowing him down. Then beau didn’t know what happening to himself. He got up walked to gasemu and locked his neck under his arm. He squeezed gasemu as hard as he could. Gasemu " I can’t breathe ” he fought back had push beau off.
  • Gasemu had his hand on his side and it was bleeding. It same as his hand has been holding his blood from flowing. Beah rushed him to the water braking banks then Gasemu started sweating. Beach said Gasemu arms were cold and that body was still sweating and that they didn’t say anything to each other because the knew what had happened .
  • Beah and his friends found village to stay at with other people. Beau said that the village was always full of lively chattering and laughter. The adults were planting and the never talked about war beau said. But then people came and killed many Soldiers soldiers beach and the other boys had to learn to use a gun he was scared but then he no longer fear a gun.
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