task 2

Updated: 9/8/2020
task 2

Storyboard Text

  • ...ohk doctor.
  • Mr. James, you have fully recovered and your being discharged today.
  • We going to Thando afterwards.
  • Ssssshh! Let's talk at the park. I need the fresh air.
  • I have some news.
  • ...It involves the company you works for.
  • ...and that's only what Dave could find!
  • They have been manipulating all of you and even cancelled everyone's medical aid.
  • How could they! They told us that our back pay was going towards our medical aid because of the higher rate of incidents.
  • Mr. James had his last and final check up after the incident and was discharged on doctors orders.
  • Tell Thando we on our way!
  • We have to talk!
  • Thando, we on our way over.
  • Cool!
  • I'm angry! I'm very angry!
  • He leaves the hospital and meets up with his wife which is talking but he isn't taking note and ends up telling her that they can talk at the park.
  • Why do they look so serious?
  • Rather come inside.
  • His wife unloads all of the information leaving him speechless as he is shocked that they have been lied to by management.
  • Yelko contructions! They wanted to only pay me 6 months pay and nothing more, and my wife still found out that they had stopped everyone's medical aid a year back already.
  • Nevermind my incident! They have been stealing from us for a while.
  • I'm glad you out of hospital.
  • How could they!?! We've been working our butts off!!
  • Who?
  • Mr. James calls Thando one of his colleagues at Yelko constructions that he'll paying a visit to his house to discuss matters.
  • Mr. James arrives having inner-thoughts while he and his colleague creates a tense atmosphere as things is tense and serious.
  • Mr. James tells Thando every single detail of the events that took place after the incident and leaving Thando shocked and speechless, with many questions that should be answered.