Science Project
Updated: 2/14/2020
Science Project

Storyboard Text

  • St. Louis
  • HyperdocMake a model of a plant cell but make it an analogy.
  • The Plant Cell
  • Downtown is like a cell. Everything revolves around everything.
  • Why Downtown?
  • When downtown everything has an order that is kinda like a cell. That's why we choose downtown.
  • Ribosomes / Fast Food The ribosomes are like all the restaurants. Ribosomes make food, just like how restaurants make food.
  • Nucleus / City Hall The nucleus is like town hall. The town hall runs St. Louis, just like a nucleus controls the cell
  • Valcuole / Food Pantry The vacuole is like the food pantry. The vacuole stores water and food, and the food pantry stores food.
  • DNA / People The DNA are like the people downtown. DNA carries out functions, just like people carry out functions.
  • Lysosomes / Dump The lysosomes are like the dump. Lysosomes break down cell waste, just like the dump breaks down trash.
  • Golgi / Post Office The golgi is like the post office. The golgi delivers ribosomes around, just like the post office sends packages.
  • Chloroplasts / Spagehtti Factory The chloroplasts are like the spaghetti factory. The chloroplasts make food from sunlight, and the spaghetti factory makes food for people
  • Cell Wall / River The cell wall is like the Mississippi River. The cell wall protects the cell, and the river protects St. Louis
  • Cytoplasm / Blocks Cytoplasm is like the blocks on the streets. The cytoplasm protects the organelles, and the blocks protect the building.
  • Mitochondria / Power Plants The mitochondria is like the power plants. The mitochondria powers the cell, and the power plants power the city.
  • Thanks for Visiting St. Louis