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My storyboard
Updated: 10/16/2020
My storyboard
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  • The Founding fathers reading the Magna Carta and getting ideas for the constitution
  • The Pilgrims had to come up with a self govt because they broke away from great Britian and got hit by a storm and ended up in Massachusits. This influenced our founding fathers by them getting ideas of self govt
  • Parliament going to the kings palace to declare there rights and have the king sign the English Bill of Rights so that he has limited power and citizens have there rights expanded
  • John Locke comming up with the ideas of natural rights and natural laws that later influenced our founding fathers when they were writing the constitution. Locke was influenced by the Declaration of Idependance
  • Montesquieu sayings that there needs to be seperation of powers in a 3 branche govt so there is no tyrant. the 3 branches are Judicial, Legislative, and Executive
  • Common sense was a pamphlet that convinced colonists to fight for independance from England. This is the Americans rebeling against England
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