Romeo and Juliet 2
Updated: 5/16/2018
Romeo and Juliet 2
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  • Act 3 Scene 1
  • "Benvolio, who began this bloody fray?"-151
  • Act 3 Scene 2
  • Tybalt is gone, and Romeo is banished. Romeo that killed him-he is banished.-159
  • Act 4 Scene 5
  • O lamentable day!-235
  • Mercutio and Tybalt died fighting Romeo. During the fight to the death Romeo murderously killed two Capulets which makes him banished by the Prince. Knowing this Romeo had to flee. Romeos face is white in this scene because of all the adrenaline, anxiety and frightening emotions that he is experiencing. Benvolio who was there fighting was telling the Prince everything that he witnessed.
  • The nurse paces back and forth in pain while trying to change the subject of the fight scene this behaviour makes Juliet very upset and anxious to get the news. Then after pleading in anger the Nurse gives in and gives Juliet the horrible news about Romeo. Her heart breaks as she hears this news. The spiked hearts resembles the marriage and the plan of Romoe and Juliets love is falling apart and will come back to hurt them.
  • Act 5 Scene 3
  • "Ah, what an unkind hour is guilty of this lamentable chance!"-273
  • Juliet took the red potion bottle from Frair Lawrence who was with good intentions. Her Nurse finds her lying on her bed that morning. At first she thinks that Juliet is just sleeping and jokes around with her but after a while she realizes that she is not breathing. With a fearful and nervous cry she calls and worries the important people in her life. Her parents, the prince that was about to marry her on that day. The candle in the background is to symbolize that Juliet is still alive because the candle is lit but seen dead by the others so also to symbolize prayers for a loved one who is dead. The roses dropped on the floor was supposed to be her bouquet of flowers for the wedding ceremony.
  • Act 5 Scene 3
  • After Juliet's "death sleep" she wakes up in the tomb across the room from her dead cousins Tybalt and Mercutio. But the most shocking horror is Romeo lying dead on the floor. Juliet cannot handle living her life without her one and only love so she first looked in the poison bottle, but Romeo drank it all. She then grabs a knife and stabs herself so that she may be with her beloved Romeo in the afterlife. If you can see the torch by the doorway that is purposely put there to symbolize a fire burning love. The torch is still lit because one of the lovers is still alive; Juliet. On the other side you can see a grey lit torch to represent Romeo who is already dead and has gone to the afterlife. The fire inside him is not burning anymore. The doorway is a type of gateway to the afterlife. The flowers are on the floor near suicidal Juliet because Prince Paris had gone there and put flowers around her burial ground.
  • "They were poor sacrifices of our rivalry!"-287
  • The Families Capulet and the Montague's ended their feud because of the tragedy and decided to mourn together. They both decided to remeber their beloved children who committed suicide by building statues of them. This scene was setup to aline the families with their children. On the right we have the capulets alongside the statue of their daughter Juliet. On the left we have the Montague alongside their son Romeo. and in the middle have Prince Paris woh is put there because he tried to break their relationship therefore he is put in the middle. The coffins with the cross and the heart are to symbolize Love and death. Because they died out of love.
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