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Updated: 2/26/2019
tkam 2
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  • What do you mean by leave for good?
  • IT IS ALIVE! I just saw a bug crawl in his hair. Go take a shower Burris Ewell and then come back to school. I don't like to teach dirty children.
  • You aren't going to force me to take a shower. My house doesn't have clean water anyway. Besides, I was just going to leave for good.
  • You can't assume things about somebody unless you climb into their skin and walk around it. Don't judge that Miss Caroline is a bad teacher you have known her for a day
  • Let's come to an agreement. If you keep on going to school, I will keep on reading to you every night. But don't tell anybody about our agreement, let's keep it between us.
  • Dad, you can't read to me anymore. Miss Caroline told me I am ahead of the other students so you aren't allowed to teach me. She is a really bad teacher, she was so mean to me. I don't want to go to school ever again
  • But how would help me like school?
  • And since she is new to Maycomb County, she doesn't know all of Maycomb county's ways and who a Cunningham and Ewell is and why they are different.
  • I guess I wasn't the best student today. When Miss Caroline wanted me to stop reading and writing she wanted me to pay attention. Plus, Miss Caroline is new to teaching and has different methods than what I expected
  • Ugh, I was so rude to Walter. I didn't think before I spoke. Everybody has different traditions and ways of living. I made him feel ashamed of who he is.
  • I wish I could re-do today, I did horrible. Wait, tomorrow I could treat everyone nicely and not judge anybody I have only known for a day. Tomorrow I am not going to hurt anybody's feeling or cause any problems
  • Scout returns to school after lunch and Miss Caroline is shocked and screamed when she saw a cootie in Burris Ewell's hair. After she yells at him Burris starts rudely Answering her questions. One of the student starts explaining why Ewell won't return to school tomorrow, it's because the Ewell's come the first day of school and never return.
  • Atticus wanted to read to Scout, but she was hesitant. Scout told Atticus that Miss Caroline told her not to read anymore because she is ahead of the other kids. Atticus taught Scout some life lessons and they came to an agreement.
  • Scout reflects on her first day of school and decides how to make the next day better. 
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