to kill a mockingbird
Updated: 2/25/2019
to kill a mockingbird
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  • I am so excited for the first day of school. I Can't wait to learn new information. 
  • good morning!
  • Another year. I hope this teacher is nicer than last year.
  • Good Morning class. I am Miss Caroline and I am from Northern Alabama. 
  • Why is she yelling at me? I only did what she told me to do, read the paper.
  • How do you know all this? Don't let your father teach you anymore, I am supposed to teach you. Now I have to undo this damage.
  • My dad didn't teach me anything. 
  • Scout and Jem head off to their first day of school.
  • Jean Lousie why are you writing? You shoud be paying attention in class. Besides we don't write in first grade we print. Now throw the paper away and stop messing around.
  • Why is she so mad that I am ahead of the other students? I was just really bored 
  •  Scout enters her classroom and Miss Caroline, Scout's teacher, introduces herself to the class.
  • Miss Caroline, he is a Cunningham. They never take anything they can't pay back.
  • Did you forget your lunch this morning? that's okay here's a quarter, go and get some food. 
  • I was only trying to clarify the situation. I wasn't trying to be rude
  • Jean Lousie, you have been causing a lot of trouble today. Please leave me and Walter alone. 
  • Scout is instructed to read and she does what she is told. It surprises Miss Caroline, who expects Scout to not know how to read. It contradicts Miss Caroline's way of teaching and makes her frustrated.
  • Ew Walter don't pour your syrup all over the plate. That's disgusting!
  • JEAN LOUISE! Hush your mouth. You can't make fun of other people because they are different
  • This maple syrup looks so good, I am going to add it all over my plate
  • Scout was very bored in class so, she decided to write a letter to Dill. She got caught and Miss Caroline punished her again. 
  • Miss Caroline asked why Walter didn't have lunch. Walter was too shy to answer, so Scout tried to explain the situation to the teacher.
  • Walter goes over to Scout's house for lunch. He adds maple syrup all over his food and Scout yells at him. Calpurnia scolds Scout for being rude to him.
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