The Veld
Updated: 8/27/2018
The Veld
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  • The exposition
  • The conflict
  • The Rising action
  • Meet the hadley family. They have a house that does literally everything for them.This family also somehow could afford a vr room that can simulate any place in the world.
  • The climax
  • The vr room seem to be stuck in africa mode.Since lydia doesnt know whats wrong, she bothers george enough to get him to take a look.
  • The falling action
  • One night, the parents hear some screams coming from the nursery.When hey went to check it out it appears that someone has broken into the nursery. They suspect its their two children messing with the nursery
  • Resolution
  • Seeing that his family is so used to having everything done for them that they're practically in a vegetative state. George decides to shut down the house and the nursery for good and go on vacation to iowa of all places.
  • Being the absolute pushover that he is.George decides to let the kids into the nursery one last time,before he shuts it off forever.Meanwhile he and his wife will get ready to go to iowa.But then their children call them for help.
  • The kids have gone missing,so the parents assume that the kids are in the nursery.When the parents walk into the nursery the door closed behind them.It appears that the psychopaths children have locked them in the nursery.No matter how hard they kicked and screamed at the door, the children would not let them out.It was too late,the lions were inches away and all the parents could do is say i love you one last time.
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