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Broken Blade By: Myles Pacyga Hr: 2
Updated: 3/3/2020
Broken Blade By: Myles Pacyga Hr: 2
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  • Pierre's father cut off his thumb while using the axe. Pierre didn't want his dad to be a voyaguer so he got engagement papers. When his mother saw his engagement papers she got mad cause Pierre needed to stay and help with his sister.
  • As they leave St. Anne's, they head to the unknown. When they got there they unloaded and headed on through. Crosses were every where Pierre wondered what they were for, it was for dead voyagers. They slept through the night and went canoeing again that morning.
  • As they went down the rapids they all could have died but La Londe was flung out. Once they got out of the rapids they had a search party for La Londe but he was no where to be seen. They made a cross for him and had a ceremony.
  • They where all very sad that La Londe died but they had bigger troubles to worry about. They started to cross Lake Superior and the wind was bad. The waves were so bad that the waves were soaking them with water, they had to stop. When they stopped Bellegarde made food and Beloit said the cooking was bad. Bellegarde got up and they fought.
  • They got to Grand Portage and they unpacked. Later they went to the Rendezvous and they danced and partied. Pierre and Charbonneau went to Mukwa's Wigwam and ate dinner. Then after a while they packed up their stuff and are traveling back to Lachine.
  • Pierre decided to go home with his brigade and now he will go home to see his family. They went across Lake Superior and Heron without any troubles. Later they finally made it to Lachine and Pierre stopped at Mr. Guilliard's house then he went home. He snuck up on his dad and surprised him then him and his dad pulled a prank on his mom.
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