get out (storyboard)

Updated: 10/6/2021
get out (storyboard)

Storyboard Text

  • Shot one
  • Shot two
  • Shot three
  • long shot and it starts with Bob waiting for David and then there is a zoom. scene lasts for 5 secs. (hear traffic in the distance)
  • Shot four
  • close up bob sees David and is shouting for him. zooms out and the scene lasts for 6secs. (hear shouting from both characters )
  • Shot five
  • medium shot and bob and David are talking. then moves horizontally right. scene lasts for 12 secs ( can hear cars rushing down the roads)
  • Shot six
  • tilted downward angle in a medium shot, they are walking away from the school . scene lasts for 7 seconds ( start to hear less sound as they move out to rural areas).
  • medium shot but starts to zoom slightly and then conversation starts to turn. scene lasts 10 seconds(you can rain and wind).
  • medium close up and Bob starts to shout and hit David. scene lasts 10 seconds. ( you can still hear rain and wind).