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Updated: 2/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Vasco da Gama's incredible adventure
  • By: Giulia, Alice, Cate and Dayou
  • A lucky venture, a lucky venture! Plenty of rubies, plenty of emeralds! You owe great thanks to God, for having brought you to a country holding such riches!
  • It's 1497 and Vasco da Gama is meeting with King Manuel 1st in Lisbon, Portugal....
  • Hello Vasco, I'm king Manuel the 1st, I order you to go on an expedition to find India, I will provide you with men and ships.
  • Ok! Cool!
  • Off to India!! This is gonna have so many positive consequences for Portugal!
  • Upon landing, da Gama pretended to be Muslim and began asking suspicious questions about the Arabian Sea and the eastern coast of Africa.
  • I don't think so...
  • Hey! I'm Muslim too!
  • Leave! No one wants you!
  • When it was discovered that he was Portuguese and not Muslim, he and his crew were chased back out to sea.
  • We should've thought about the consequences...
  • Run!!