The Dead Turtle.

Updated: 10/13/2021
The Dead Turtle.

Storyboard Text

  • May you rest in peace Pete. We will always love you.
  • Im glad I killed you. You dumb turtle.
  • A Shell-icopter. Was that joke a little too early.
  • What do you call a sea-turtle that flies?
  • What? You know this is not the time right?
  • Did you kill Pete? We found your finger prints at the scene.
  • Why would I kill a turtle? I don't like turtles.
  • The Day After the Funeral
  • A couple days later at a party.
  • Yeah. Its time for you to go to your jail-shell.
  • You are under arrest for the murder of my turtle!
  • Okay fine I did it lets just get this over with.
  • A couple days later at the prison on Alcatraz.
  • I hope you enjoy your stay!
  • I won't.