Updated: 10/15/2020

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  • Here people like to run chasing a sphere, they're upset doing that.Looks great for me. It's a shame that I can't do that on the Moon due to the lack of gravity.
  • Out of my way, weirdo!
  • What's that thing lol. I'm calling the Area 51
  • He is saying that we are going to see the diversity in the New World, and learn from them.He also is offering me a mirror in exchange for the Dodecahedron.Seems like a good deal, but I can't wait to explore the New World by myself.
  • Por qué hablamos inglés si somos Españoles ajjaj
  • Oh, boy... I sure love learn and discover new elements like radium and polonium. What are we waiting for?
  • This is my Dodecahedron. I don't know what is it composition. Can you help me?
  • I don't want to make you uncomfortable, ማንኛውንም ስም ስጠው, but we are going to sacrifice you to satisfy our god.
  • Uhmm, I think I left some moon rocks cooking, I better go.
  • Well, that was an entertaining trip. All those cultures from different times are quite interesting. I experienced a lot of emotions, I ate a lot of things and I saw too many landscapes.Here on the moon there is nothing. There are no people, it's the same weather always and the same moon rocks that I no longer want to eat. I no longer adapt to the moon, I can't wait to travel back in time and to Earth for eternity...
  • ...ohh, I just lost my Dodecahedron while landing on the moon
  • I hate this lifeless rock. I just wanna hang out again with Marie Curie and Cleopatra :(
  • I would rather have the mirror of the Spanish colonizer
  • Oh god, oh fuc