What is Heat Transfer?
Updated: 5/15/2020
What is Heat Transfer?
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  • Have you ever wonder what is heat transfer is? Well let me explain it to you.
  • Heat transfer is energy that transfers when a substance gets heated, the particles gain more energy. The molecules then bump into nearby particles and transfer some of their energy to them. This pattern continues from the hot to the cold end of a substance.
  • The hotter a substance is, the quicker the particles move (more kinetic energy) compared to a substance that is more cooler (less kinetic energy).
  • Fast moving particles
  • Heat from the room can also have an affect on a substance
  • Thermometers measure the amount of energy matter contains
  • After hit particles balancing energy
  • red- fast and hotblue- slow and cold
  • How about when a hot and cold particle collide? Well, the particles balance each other out.
  • When you are taking a hot bath, the heat of the water affects your body temperature by making you feel warmer When you hold ice in your hands, it melts because the heat from your hands and body temperature melt the ice which is cooler. When you touch a hot pot and burn yourself, it's because the temperature of the pot was hotter than your body temperature.
  • Examples of heat transfer
  • Thank you! Hope you learned some new things about heat transfer.
  • By: Paris Mendes
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