Updated: 11/7/2020

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  • Scene 01
  • Scene 02
  • Scene 03
  • 1. DAY. INTERIOR OF KITCHEN, AISYAH’S HOME—WIDE SHOT AISYAH AND KAMAL IN THE KITCHEN.AISYAH, age 32, gets up from the kitchen table, and turns toward the refrigerator.
  • Scene 04
  • 2. MEDIUM SHOT—AISYAH reaches for the refrigerator handle and she pulls the door open.
  • Scene 05
  • 3. CLOSE UP—AISYAH looks into the refrigerator.AISYAHKamal! Who’s been nosing around in the fridge?
  • Scene 06
  • 4. MID SHOT—AISYAH seen from KAMAL’S point of view—AISYAH turns around and holds up a platewith a half-eaten cake in it.There is a bewildered look on her face as she looks at KAMAL.
  • 5. MID SHOT—KAMAL seen from AISYAH’S point of view—KAMAL is sitting at the kitchen table. He returns a surprised look at AISYAH.KAMALWhat? Why are you looking at me like that?… I…I’ve got nothing to do with that…
  • 6. CLOSE UP of the cake. The cake is half-eaten and kind of messed up on the plate.AISYAHIt’s Ziqri! I know … Its Ziqri and that little …
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