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Storyboard of the American Revolution
Updated: 2/15/2019
Storyboard of the American Revolution
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  • Boston Tea Party
  • The Intolerable Acts
  • The First Continental Congress
  • The Boston Tea Party took place in 1773. It had colonists dressing up as Indians and going on a cargo ship, and dumping tea into the sea.
  • The Battle of Lexington and Concord
  • The intolerable acts were put in place in 1774, and were acts put on the colonies after the Boston tea party. it put a lot of taxes on colonial goods, suspended colonial governments, and limited the trade of the colonies.
  • Battle of Saratoga
  • The first Continental Congress, which first took place in 1774, was a response to the harsh Intolerable Acts. The colonies decided that they needed a unified response to British injustices. The colonists created committees of correspondence so they could contact each other in case of British attack or injustice. Eventually, the colonists that were in the Continental Congress would go on to sign the declaration of independence.
  • Battle of Yorktown
  • The Battle of Lexington and Concord took place in April of 1775. The British got information from spies that american colonists had stored a large cache of weapons. the British decided they wanted to seize the weapons, and would punish the rebel colonists while doing so. The colonists learned that the British were planning to seize their weapons, and this was when Paul Revere and William Dawes made their midnight ride. "The Regulars are coming!" they'd yell. The colonists eventually won.
  • Supplies
  • Supplies
  • The Battle of Saratoga took place in September through October of 1777. It was a key victory in the independence of the colonies, as it supplied them with cannons and other military weapons. They were fighting over Saratoga because it was a key strategic fort located in upstate New York. The battle was a major setback for the British, and a turning point for the colonies. The victory allowed the colonies to make an alliance with the french, which helped win our independence.
  • Supplies
  • Supplies
  • The Battle of Yorktown, which took place in 1781, was the last major battle in the American Revolution. The British had a plan to conquer the south, then get loyalists from the south to help destroy Washington's army in the north. While camped at Yorktown, British general Cornwallis became surrounded by french and colonial armies led by Washington and Lafayette. The French navy stopped any chance of Cornwallis and his army. He and his army were forced to surrender. In 1783, America signed the treaty of Paris, and finally got independence.
  • You're surrounded Cornwallis! Surrender!
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