kaleb project

Updated: 9/30/2021
kaleb project

Storyboard Text

  • today was a good day outside and better to learn in the classroom for the kids.the doors were lock and it was time to open them for the bright kids of the future. They were going to do something at this school and it just like the other ones you see in town.
  • one good example of kids changing the world is starting on the court. You have to have the academics to get a chance to showcase your skills but when you do do that the world will know your name. You having fun doing what you love on this court. The whole time you don't know your going to be the next great one.
  • You can't play around in class you have to get your education. There will be times when you can play but the classroom is not that place. When you get into the class get your work done and you will have no problems. If you do what you have to do nobody can get mad or yell at you. Do what your told that goes a long way out of the classroom to. Try your best in class teachers and for yourself that is good.