Comic Strip Adventurer
Updated: 2/8/2021
Comic Strip Adventurer

Storyboard Text

  • Tweet!
  • Hello There little friend! What are you doing in here?
  • I finally know what job I want! I want to be an explorer! I'm going explore the lives of birds!
  • This is amazing! I'm going to work hard on my bird research, and I won't stop until I discover a new species of bird!
  • Many Months Later...
  • I still haven't found any new species of bird! Should I give up?... Never! I WILL find a new species! I can do this!
  • Is that what I think it is? A bird that I've never seen before! I shall call it, the purpura nouvelle!
  • I only discovered the purpura nouvelle, because I didn't give up on my quest! I'm so proud of myself!