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Acts Storyboard
Updated: 10/6/2020
Acts Storyboard
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  • Why did you kill 5 of the colonists?
  • It’s a tea party!
  • Let’s dump the tea!
  • I’ve enough of these taxes!
  • Boston Harbor (Boston tea party 1773)
  • Too bad.
  • It’s our land now.
  • We’re colonists, we had our land there!!”
  • The proclamation of 1763 separated the Natives and the colonists.
  • Proclamation of 1763
  • No fair!!!!
  • Sugar Act (1764)
  • This isn’t fair!!!
  • Why is Great Britain taxing our sugar?!
  • I use sugar often, now it’s going to be more expensive?!!
  • Stamp act 1765
  • Can you believe we have to pay for stamps now?
  • Now I have to spend money just on a stamp!!
  • Like they need anymore money.
  • Mercantilism
  • Bring things back to England just to make them richer.
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