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TCI-4 Max German
Updated: 10/22/2020
TCI-4 Max German
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  • Mesopotamia is located in Iraq, Asia.
  • The two rivers that helped the civilization become successful are Tigris and Eurphrates RIver.
  • Problems arose with lack of space and they moved to the plains by the Tigris and Euphrates river.
  • They used to farm in Zagros foothills, but then population grew and needed more space for crops.
  • With the rivers near by they had trouble controling the water supply. They dug canals and built dams to control the water.
  • After they built irrigation systems they started filling with silt. Everyone worked together to keep the canals from being clogged. As they started working together they started building bigger communities
  • As cities grew many people fought over their right to use more water.
  • Overall, with the community that worked together turned what was a small community to the rise of city-states.
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