Blizzards NDA Comic

Updated: 5/3/2020
Blizzards NDA Comic

Storyboard Description

In this comic, I have tried to demonstrate my understanding of blizzards in the comic. This is for my Natural Disasters Assignment

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, I am Todd. I live in Toronto and I just moved here
  • Where is the class?
  • This is my first day so umm can you help me ?
  • Follow me!!!
  • A..A..A new student?? Yes I would love help you
  • After following the boy, Todd ended up in his class
  • Hi, My name is Ms. Leung, please introduce yourself and tell us why you came here
  • Now one last question before we start our work, how did your family protect them and their home?
  • My name is Todd and I am from Greenland. My family thought blizzards were too dangerous. Blizzards are storms of falling snow that go more than 35 km per hour.
  • How did the blizzard affect you and environment around you to cause you to move?
  • Blizzards can destroy the trees and branches causing sticks to fall on my house and clog up the roads
  • Wow! No wonder you moved
  • Now, how does the world monitor blizzards?
  • We have a weather satellite. They read weather patterns and it goes into a computer that models the data.
  • Wow! I am learning a lot
  • Okay class, let us begin today's lesson
  • My family focused on creating a safe environment and cleared the driveways to avoid slipping and being careful in gneral