Lizzie Bright Chap. 10 Story Board
Updated: 2/4/2021
Lizzie Bright Chap. 10 Story Board

Storyboard Text

  • The house shall be sold and some of the money will be put aside for your Minesteral education.
  • I can't stand with the church any more and watch you destroy the people of Malaga's lives.
  • No sir! The house will be given to Lizzie and the Easons!
  • Oh No! I'm locked in a cupula and there is a conflaguation on Malaga.
  • We don't need people from Boston coming in and telling us which way is up.
  • Turner and his father stand up to Mr. Stonecrop about how Mrs. Cobb’s house was going to be given to Lizzie and not sold.
  • Turner gets locked in Mrs. Cobb’s cupola while he sees a huge fire over on Malaga Island that is burning the houses and all of the people of Malaga's possessions.
  • Sheriff Elwell shoves Turner’s dad off the granite ledges and kills him because the misester said the he would not stand with the congregation of the church and ruin the lives on Malaga Island.