Great Depression project
Updated: 3/12/2020
Great Depression project

Storyboard Text

  • Life During the Great Depression
  • Life before the Great Depression
  • Stock Market Crash
  • By: Marco Magana
  • Bank Fails
  • The year is 1928 and John is working in an assembly line at fords company.
  • Dust Bowl
  • Months later, a sudden decline is stock prices occurred causing a stock market crash in 1929. Therefore, John and his family decided to withdraw all their money from the bank.
  • Unemployement
  • By 1930 many banks across the United States began to fail caused by ¨Bank Runs.¨ Everyone began to withdraw their money from the bank at the same time. John lost all his money.
  • Later that same year, a period of severe dust storms damaged the ecology and agriculture of American prairies. This became known as the ¨Dust Bowl¨
  • In 1931, John loses his his job at ford and his family was evicted from their home because they were unable to pay the rent.