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Updated: 1/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Mrs. Buell
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  •  We read the story "Mrs. Buell" by Jean Little. It is about a woman named Mrs. Buell who runs a candy shop called Buells. Characters: Mrs. Buell, Kate & GloSetting: Run down candy shopConflict: Kate felt guilty
  • Falling Action
  • Mrs. Buell does not appear to like children. Still, many kids go to that store to buy all kinds of candy. One day, a young girl named Katharine runs into the candy shop and injures her leg. Mrs. Buell rushes over and kindly helps Katharine with her wound. Katharine feels guilty for not smiling back at her and thanking her for helping so she never goes back to the store.
  • Resolution
  • Later in the story, Katharine finally goes back to the shop just to find out that Mrs. Buell had a heart attack and died. She goes to the store and sees her daughter there and she overhear her speaking about Mrs. Buell.
  • Theme
  • Kate realizes that Glo and her mother never had a good relationship. She also learns that Mrs. Buell never had someone that loved her.
  • Kate realizes everything will never be the same. She knows that everyone will die someday, including her.
  • Things are not always at they seem.Mrs. Buell showed kindness when she helped Kate when she scraped her knee.Not only did Mrs. Buell work at the run down candy shop, but she also lived there.Mrs. Buell had a daughter, she wasn't by herself her entire life.