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Updated: 4/28/2020
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  • Let me answer this one Andy. Vestigial structures are structures that were used once but not anymore. For example, wisdom teeth are vestigial structures.
  • Good job Andy!
  • Mr. Scott? How do different organisms get different characteristics?
  • Through variation. There are many factors to variation but generally it is mutations to DNA, the genetic carrier of information. This can lead to natural selection
  • What is natural selection?
  • Let me start with adaptations. Not all organisms in a species will be well suited for an environment. But adaptations are inherited traits that help organisms become better suited to environments.
  • What happens to the organisms that aren't well suited?
  • For many organisms, survival is competition. Competition means that only those who are the best suited for that environment will make it. Others will struggle to survive in those environments. The organisms who are not well suited will die out and disappear from the family line.
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