Updated: 9/9/2021

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  • Oh no! :( I have a project about cell theory due tomorrow and I completely forgot! I'll just use my time travel machine and ask the the scientists for help
  • 1665
  • Hey name is Robert Hooke -_* and I discovered cells. I was observing at a cork under a microscope and saw multiple hollow compartments that looked like cells!
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  • 1670
  • Yow! My name is Anton Van Leeuwenhoek, and I became one of the scientists to refer to living cells when I observed an abundant number of single-celled organisms using a powerful microscope at my time, which I call animalcules.
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  • 1838
  • My name is Matthias Schleiden, and I discovered that all plants are made out of cells. I was looking at all different types of plants and noticed that they all had something in common. They were made of cells.
  • Are you still alive? just kidding AHAHAHAHA
  • 1839
  • My name is Theodor Schwann. My friend Schleiden told me how plants were made out of cells. Curious, I decided to look at animal tissues and discovered that all animals are made of cells.
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  • 1855
  • 'My name is Rudolf Virchow, and I found out that cells are made of cells. Because of my discovery, it became easier to discover diseases.
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