Marie Antoinette
Updated: 11/7/2019
Marie Antoinette

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  • So tell me, how is going your marriage?!
  • HAHAHAOhhh Marie Antoinette this tea party is amazing!
  • Long live for the couple
  • Long live for the couple
  • I feel so alone, i miss my house and my family!!
  • In France, people were talking about who Marie Antoinette wastes the money of the country and the time for making tea parties or meeting with her old friends.
  • I'm very happy with my shoppings!!
  • What if I have a party with important people and so I know new people and friends?
  • However, people said that Marie Antoinette only bring misery to France but for her life wasn't easy, she gets married at the age of 14 with someone that she doesn't know only for making an ally between 2 countries.
  • Our country is in CRISIS!
  • She effort to hard for having an amazing marriage but Louis xvi wasn't interested, he only pays attention to food so Marie Antoinette tries to please him but although he didn't matter. So every day Marie Antoinette starts to fell more lonely.
  • BOOOO!
  • BOOOO!
  • So the only way Marie Antoinette finds for free her mind was buying jewelry, clothes, and wigs or inviting her friends or important people to parties.
  • People think Marie Antoinette was involved in France's economy and government but every time she tries to help Louis xvi or his adviser didn't let her help or do something.
  • Can i help in something?!
  • Finally, Marie Antoinette had a very unhappy and difficult life, full of hate, rumors, and myths. Many people kept negative thoughts towards her until the last day without even knowing about her or knowing her. She and Louis xvi died at the guillotine in 1793.