Water Cycle 1
Updated: 3/12/2020
Water Cycle 1
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  •  I Want to be a Plant
  • By Audrey Erickson
  • Hi, I'm Droppy the water droplet. All I want in life is to be a plant. My story started out in the clouds. I thought I was stuck until one day I felt I was getting heavier until I fell out of the sky with all of my other droplet friends. We call that precipitation, when water gets to heavy and falls out of the sky.
  • Hello, It turns out I landed in the ocean. And if you're wondering I came down as rain This means I'm even farther away from being a plant. I'm even at the bottom of the ocean so this might take a while.
  • Yep I was right. I'm still stuck in the ocean. It's been a whole week! I wonder if I'll ever get out. At least I'm at the top of the ocean now.
  • It got hot enough that I got heated and turned to water vapor and got evaporated back into the clouds! I'm one step closer to becoming a plant! Let's hope I don't get rained down back to the ocean.
  • Well it looks like I got rained back to the ocean again. Maybe I'm not meant to be a plant. Maybe I'll be stuck in the ocean forever. Now all I can do Is hope one day I make it to land.
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