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Comic Strip Project Pt. 2
Updated: 9/26/2019
Comic Strip Project Pt. 2
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  • Yet again, Mohammed Reza broke his vow. Mohammed Reza often overstepped his boundaries by getting involved in government affairs. By getting involved in government affairs, he is not being a constitutional monarchy. Part of Mohammed Reza’s role in the Parliamentary government is to select prime ministers. He is supposed to give his power to the parliamentary government, but he refused strong prime ministers so that he would have to get involved. He focused more on his control over people and resources and how it could benefit him, rather than being a good leader.
  • Mohammed Reza Shah was overthrown by the Iranian Revolution (11th of February, 1979). The main reason for the Iranian Revolution was that Mohammed Reza Shah declared himself “King of Kings” (26th of October 1969). The goal was for him to no longer have limited power within the government but this conflicted with his vow. He was expected to be a Constitutional monarch (meaning the monarch has limited power within the government, that is run by the Constitution). He did not want limited power and that’s why he declared himself “king of kings”. This caused a conflict that resulted in him being overthrown (Iranian Revolution).
  • After being exiled, Reza Shah, his father, lived in four different places and then went to New York City for treatment for lymphatic cancer. His arrival in New York City is what led to the capture of the hostages by the Iranians. Sadly, they continued to hold them as hostages even after his death. Which resulted in his son, Mohammed Reza taking over because of his death.
  • His position was taken over by Mohammed Mossadeq, who later had a coup against him. Which resulted in Mohammed Reza Shah taking over once again. 
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