Field Problem

Updated: 6/17/2021
Field Problem

Storyboard Text

  • Isn't it Dick and Patrick?Want play soccer with us?
  • Ok,sure!
  • Nope,I am just kicking the ball.
  • Ouch! You are cheating!
  • Ya!
  • It is my way to play the game,not yours.So you have to listen to me!
  • Come on,give a free kick.
  • One day,Dick and Patrick planned to exercise a little bit in the soccer field.But they accidently meet Zent and his friend Mike.
  • If you don't want to follow my way,just get out of the field.
  • (signs)
  • When they are playing soccer something goes wrong...
  • That is the whole thing,can you help me and Patrick,Ms.Smith?
  • Oh!That is terrible!I will punish Zent and Mike for you guys.
  • Dick trying to make it right,but... 
  • For the thing you did to Dick and Patrick,you will be not allowed to out for recess for one week!
  • Sorry,Ms!
  • Zent and Mike shout Dick and Patrick out of the field,Dick and Patrick don't want to mess with them,so they have to leave.
  • Very sad uh?But the situation will change next day,because...
  • At the end,Zent and Mike get the punishment they deserve for shout Dick and Patrick out of the soccer field.