Updated: 1/17/2020
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  • We give in PR China
  • Lin Zexu was a government official during the Opium War to deal the Opium Trade.
  • What aspects of GRAPES can we view this from?
  • The Opium War which started in 1839 and lasted up until 1842 what's the war fought between the Chinese and the British because the British had the Chinese so addicted to opium that they banned it in China(Opium is the base chemical for opioids).
  • As result the British won the war and China was forced to give Hong Kong up to the UK for 99 years. China enforced the lease of Hong Kong to UK meeting on November 1st 1997 it was given back to China in a ceremony under the one-party two systems agreement for 50 years. The fact that China actually enforced Belize is actually a big deal because back when the lease was right now 99 year lease meant they had it forever and ever.
  • From the economic aspect of it and the political aspect of it. That is about China doing the right thing by Banning Opioids ain't have not been the best move for their economic or political stability because 1. The UK was super ticked off about it 2. you're pretty much encouraging your biggest importer that product or in China's case the UK to put sanctions against you.
  • My opinion on Lin’s impact of the age of exploration in the total impact overall he was trying to be peaceful and Cooperative as an authority to prevent the war but you can't blame him for the war you might as well blame the Chinese emperor who is the one who banned opioids.
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