Making Forces Funny!: Gravity, Friction, Elastic and Magnetism
Updated: 2/1/2020
Making Forces Funny!: Gravity, Friction, Elastic and Magnetism
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  • Friction
  • Woah! What was that? We just slid 10 feet.
  • Yeah silly goose, it's icy outside. That means there's not much traction on the road, so the sliding friction prevents us from stopping.
  • Elasticity
  • Hi Mrs. Elastic, I'm going to test your new bungee chair. I'm going to push down with all my weight.
  • Elasticity
  • Aaahhh!
  • A few moments later
  • Those bungees in the chair are elastic, so they return to their original shape when stretched due to elastic force.
  • Most of the time, there is sand and/or salt on the icy roads, which helps create traction, to prevent sliding friction. Sliding friction is when two surfaces are sliding against each other.
  • Gravity
  • Even if there was no gravity on earth, I would still fall for you.
  • A bungee is made from an elastic material that can be stretched or compressed that results in returning back to its original form.
  • Gravity
  • Are you okay? Did a bully pull you down?
  • The boy flew in the air because the more you compress or stretch an elastic material, the more elastic force is created. In order to have the chair back to the original form after the boy pushed on it, the bungees must fling up, which also sends the boy up.
  • Magnetism
  • Hey, I'm ironman, and I am super attracted to you.
  • Gravity is an attractive force that pulls on everything. This means people fall on earth due to its gravity pulling. The boy said he would still fall for the girl not physically, but mentally because he has a crush on her.
  • Oh golly.
  • Gravity is in fact not a person but a force. When the boy was walking, he slipped and flew in the air for a few seconds. Since gravity pulls every object towards the center of the earth, he slammed to the ground.
  • Yeah, his name is Gravity.
  • Iron is one of the materials that are magnetic, which means they are attracted to magnets. Magnetism is a force that can pull or repel, so by saying he is iron, he is magnetically and physically attracted to her and because he has a crush on her.
  • Oh we go again...
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