Layers of the Sun

Updated: 3/26/2021
Layers of the Sun

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  • Hey, I'm Mr Sun. You may know me because of how FAMOUS I am! Look at the sunscreen bottles, they have MY face on it!
  • I also have many different layers that I'm going to be telling you about now! Enjoy!!
  • Or Maybe you just know me because I'm the most important thing in your solar system!
  • Layers of the Sun with Mr.Sun
  • The Corona is the sun's out most layer. It's temperature is between 500,000 degrees Kelvin too 1 million degrees kelvin. It cannot be seen with the bare eye. It can only be seen during an eclipse but it is VERY dangerous to look at.
  • The Corona (Not the virus)
  • The temperature increases if one moves away from the sun, unlike lower layers where it gets hotter if one gets nearer to the sun according to NASA research.
  • Ah! This is a nice pic of me! Anyways now the chromosphere!
  • The suns deepest layer, and the layer visible to human eyes directly from the Earth, It is also called the Solar Surface
  • Backround Change! next up is photosphere.