Unknown Story
Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Just bought these new Neymar cleats.
  • You still can't score on me though.
  • These are the new Nike Mercurial Superflys. I can definitely score on you.
  • We'll see about that Richard!
  • How did you do that? I need those cleats ASAP. Where did you buy them?
  • Oh, so now you think i'm good right?
  • Can you please just tell me where you got it and how much it costed you?
  • Fine, i ordered it online. The website name is called soccer.com. It costed me $275 dollars.
  • I'm sorry for making fun of you in the beginning, and thanks for everything!
  • It's fine, it doesn't really affect me, but you're welcome. I hope you make progress with the new Nike mercurial Superflys.