Alcohol and Its dangers for kids

Updated: 10/5/2021
Alcohol and Its dangers for kids

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  • IF you don't want to drink you can always say you have other plans to avoid being where alcohol will be served
  • Hey. what are you doing tonight? Want to come to a party? There will be beer.
  • uhh um..I have other plans to go to the movies.
  • Alcohol slows your senses and can impact your decisions
  • You might think drinking alcohol as a teenager is cool and it may help you to relax and feel older.
  • Our organs are affected by alcohol within minutes of it entering our blood
  • But there are a lot of risks to drink alcohol.Drinking too much can harm the growing brain.
  • Drinking can cause hangovers or alcohol poisinng
  • Great Job sharing the risks of alcohol with friends.
  • My parents are going out tonight. We can get into the liquor cabinet and try something.
  • Really? Alcohol is not cool. It kills 5,000 teens a year.