Unknown Story

Updated: 3/18/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Wanna play tag?
  • Yeah
  • Rise Action
  • I'm the doctor I'm Mrs. Olsen
  • hmm... he seems a bit off
  • Rising Action
  • Hello I'm Mr.Olsen and this is Mathilda
  • While she was at school playing with friends this is where Mathilda got sick
  • Climax
  • GO AWAY!
  • The doctor appears at the Olsen residence ready to diagnose
  • Falling Action
  • Stop it right now your're hurting her !
  • Just stop there has to be another way!
  • This is where the Doctor meets Mathilda and Mr.Olsen
  • Revelation
  • I knew it she was sick all along
  • But at what cost ?
  • In this scene the doctor tries to examine Mathilda but she isn't having it and attacks the doctor to keep her secret
  • That wasn't very nice little girl.
  • The doctor has had enough and has determined that Mathilda has no right to disobey him in the process he forgets all morals and uses force
  • No if she would just obey !
  • Why are you doing this ?
  • Mathilda does have diphtheria but this was found out against her will