Teagan W. story board
Updated: 2/27/2020
Teagan W. story board

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  • Home life
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • My whole life I have lived in the same home. I grew up there I will most likely live there for around 10 more years. I live there with my two sisters my mom, my dad and my dog. My whole family has grown up around here. Both my parents lived in irvington ,and my grandparents lived close to it to.
  • Video game life
  • Ever since I was a younger sports has been a major interest for me. One major sport that I have loved the most is basketball. I love playing the game and have been on many teams. I also love watching the NBA and I am sure I will continue to love the sport.
  • School life
  • Another sport that I have played for almost my whole life is baseball. I have played little league for many years and then different teams. My dad also loves the sport and I love to watch baseball and I am a big Yankees fan.
  • My dog
  • Another major interest in my life has been video games. I have played my whole life. I got my fist ever Xbox when I was only five and I have continued to play. I will and always will love playing video games.
  • As every other kid. I have had to go to school for almost all of my life. I don't exactly love school but I deal with it. I am glad that I am finally heading into high school and I believe that will exciting.
  • I got my dog when I was six years old and ever since I have loved her very much. Her name is Maggie and she is a great dog. She may bark 24/7 but she is still a great dog.
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