Unknown Story
Updated: 4/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I was beaten again as I slept
  • You need me ?
  • Pozzo and Lucky need help
  • Who is this ?
  • Tell him you saw us.
  • Mr. Godot cannot come tonight, but will tomorrow without fail
  • You have seen who is Godot ?
  • Vladimir enters mad and tells Estragon that he was bitten again. They talk and say that he need to wait for Godot. They try to remember what they did the day before, they remember that they were under the tree ,but the tree looks different. Estragon take a nap. Then they hear people coming.
  • Pozzo and Lucky arrive but Lucky falls down with the suitcases and asks for help. Vladimir tries to help him but he falls, then Estragon goes and falls too. Vladimir and Estragon stop Pozzo but he does not recognize them because he is blind. They leave and Estragon takes a nap again.
  • After the nap Vladimir wakes up Estragon and tells him that maybe, Pozzo wasn't blind and that maybe he could be Godot. The Child returns with the same message and says that his brother is sick. They ask the Child if he has seen Godot but he runs away. Again Godot did not appear and the men decided to hang up the next day to see if Godot would come.