The Giver (First Memory) Comic Strip
Updated: 4/16/2020
The Giver (First Memory) Comic Strip

Storyboard Description

This is for the Giver Final Project. This is the first comic strip out of the two for the comic project.

Storyboard Text

  • It's, uh, Jonas, I'm the new..
  • Come in Jonas.
  • Yes? Who goes there?
  • Call me Jonas.
  • You may go in Jonas.
  • Welcome, Receiver of Memory.
  • Hello Jonas, I am the Giver. We haven't time. Lay down, as I shall giving the memories.
  • Understood.
  • As Jonas has finished talking with Fiona, he biked his way to the Annex room, where there was a door that very ordinary and unremarkable. He went to the door and asked to go inside, in which opened for him.
  • I shall transmit the memory of snow.
  • A female attendant was working on papers when Jonas entered the small but clean lobby. She welcomed him and sent Jonas to a room that was locked.
  • And what is this... wooden thing?
  • What is these things falling out of the sky?
  • And why is it so cold?
  • There in the room was rows of books on a shelf, a bed, and a bearded man that Jonas later knows as the Giver. He has saw him from the Ceremony.
  • Wooooooo
  • The Giver soon made Jonas lay down on the bed out of his confusion and started to transmit the memories, of snow and others.
  • Jonas soon enters a memory, a memory where he was on a hill of snow. He was inspired by the surroundings, as it was so beautiful. He was so surprised of the things he hasn't known.
  • Jonas was soon on the thing known as the sled, where he slid down the snow hill as the cold wind hits his face and body.
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