Updated: 5/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Oneday, Mili and Jenny, those two are parthers in crime was in a travel in Mexico! They want to paint the townand taste the best food of this country.
  • Favorite food of Mili was shrimp. When they gotto Guanajuato they had been driving all over town to find a seafood restaurant. People said about thebest restaurant was in downtown
  • BUT when the close friends arrived, it was closed down, so they hadto move to another restaurant and find one close them
  • Obviuslythey want Shrimp, but there was a problem, Everything in the restaurant wasvery expensive! was just Higwayrobbery!
  • Theydidn't have enough money to ask for the shrimp they wanted, So they had to think up on a solution, thesolution was just to order two soft drinks and peanuts then they get out
  • Thenext day, they decided to carryon searching for a place with accesible prices. In the distance they sawa sign with an image of a shrimp with a hat and a mustache,
  • they approached and saw a man dressed as ashrimp so they come up him. when they entered and saw the menu they realized Priceswere extremely cheap! whata steal “get out oftown! im so excited! “ Mili said.