Ellie's Story for Runt Group
Updated: 4/21/2020
Ellie's Story for Runt Group

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Get in the Box puppies!
  • Rising Action #1
  • She doesn't like that Jacob !
  • None of them do. Its the matter of if they can handle it.
  • I'll take this one.
  • Rising Action #2
  • Could You hide for Ellie to find you?She is training to be a police dog.
  • Thats what I though
  • OMG!!! SURE!!!
  • A puppy named Ellie and her brothers and sisters get put in a box to meet a policemen for future training.
  • Rising Action #3
  • Hello sweet dog.
  • All of the pups are put through a series of tests/stuff to do to prove if they are bright enough, strong enough, and friendly enough to become a police dog. Ellie gets picked and will become (with lots of training) Jacobs police dog. 
  • Climax
  • Jacob and Ellie go to the park to train. Jacob asks random people at the park to hide for Ellie because she does not know their sent and it is good to test her nose.
  • Falling Action #1
  • Ellie's first mission was to find a old woman that had Alzheimer's and had left her hospital home. She was found in a random backyard.
  • Jacob gets shot in the gut for the second time in his police career. Ellie jumps up to help her friend and bites deep into the bad guys arm muscle.
  • After Jacob gets shot Ellie gets a new partner named Maya.
  • See the ball Ellie? GO FETCH!
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