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Updated: 1/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Today, I've got an amazing book ready to show you!
  • It's called, Super Diaper Baby.This baby teaches other babies how to use diapers!The book was written by two children who make funny jokes about poo! For those of you who are interested, it's true comedy!
  • This takes place during current time, and also takes place somewhere in the galaxy. The characters that are relevant are the small baby, a piece of poo, and a dog.
  • The plot in 5 wordsRadioactive poo versus juiced up baby. So thrilling!
  • And you might be wondering: Why should I read this?Our reason is because all the cool kids read this book!And now, lets hear from some happy customers!
  • I would rather burn my money than buy it.
  • See how happy he is?He is truly satisfied, just like you if you buy the book!
  • And that's the end of #dramaalert